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With love from da islands.

NEA derives from the name "Nanea" (nuh-nay-uh) which is Hawaiian for tranquility/interest/ease; it is also part of the Hawaiian name of the owner and founder of the company.

We broke down NEA into three parts that emphasize what we stand for:

Natural, Erotic, & Authentic.

Purpose is what drives us in almost anything we do and without purpose we lack meaning, without meaning, we are simply just surface level.

Our purpose is to make you feel beautiful in the purest way & most natural state, stimulate you with a feeling of inspiration with our art, and aid to your healing journey by sending you back to yourself.

Growing up, Nanea was always surrounded by natural beauty practices, DIY's, and other beauty regimens that remain close to her roots.  As her grandmother once said, "If you can't pronounce the ingredients, do not put it on you or eat it."

We drive and pride ourselves in using naturally derived and organic products--the closer to and from our earth, the better.

We're here to inspire growth in multiple aspects; internally and externally.

Help you connect to your inner highest self.

Embody your divine feminine and masculine.

Show you the beauty and truth behind different cultures, practices, and ways of life; we thrive in beauty from all over the world in every single shape, size, and color.  We are traveling, learning, and consistently educating ourselves to incorporate this into our brand and products.

Thank you for your love.

Stay for what's to come.

we are

Method. Madness. Magick.

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