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Connecting to your HIGHer self & heightening your senses


Candles:  a multifaceted item.

Are you rolling up with NEA products at home with smooth hints of natural aromas slighting embracing your nose from the background?  Are you manifesting and setting intentions on a new moon?  Or are you taking a relaxing bubble bath in the dark, the only light source coming from the burning flame from one of our candles?  Whichever way you're choosing to incorporate us into your life, you've made the right decision...especially when it comes to heightening any of your senses; specifically here, the power in your sense of smell.

IMG_4082 copy.jpg
IMG_4082 copy.jpg

When Hawai'i Meets LA

A concept curated by CEO and owner, Nanea, by combining her two forever homes: The Kingdom of Hawai'i and Los Angeles.  Mixing both cultures, you'll find hints of Hawaiian flavor in some of our candles hand poured in the city of Los Angeles.  

Bringing a little bit of paradise to the west coast.

Vision & Intention to Products

All of our candles are intentional and come with purpose.  Besides our candles being adorned with herbs, blossoms, and other metaphysical properties, all our candles are made with organic hemp soy wax.  Every candle you burn is releasing a calm, soothing, aura + a distinguished scent to light up the entire room.

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